3D Character


Take your animation and video game projects to the next level and stop using generic characters! With our custom 3D character design service! Our team of expert Blender designers will work with you to create a unique and detailed character that perfectly suits your needs, including the rig (skeleton) for subsequent animation.

We have several service packages, to adapt to your budget:

  1. plain character: An animal, a character with no fingers, few facial expressions or few details and few textures. (Example: Angry birds, Kirby, Among us)
  2. Simple humanoid character: One person, character with articulated hands, multiple facial expressions and textures. (Example: Mario, Zelda, Clash Royale)
  3. Complex character: Any type of character that requires hyperrealism in their movements, expressions and textures. (Example: Assassin's Creed, WOW, Arcane)


  • Format: Blender, obj, gltf, .png and .jpg. (If you want another format, you must request it during the purchase).
  • Corrections: Up to 5 requests for free changes.
  • First delivery in less than 10 business days.
  • Gift: Render of the character in a pose.