Our history

DISEÑARTE C.A. is a Venezuelan advertising company, focused mainly on Design, whose mission is always to please its clients in each project, taking care of the smallest details.


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After studying Graphic Design, Audiovisual Sciences and Languages, as well as working for other advertising companies for a couple of years, we decided that we were ready to start working on our own...
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Our signatures were reflected in the constitutive document of our newly founded agency on October 25, 2008, giving start to a period of business consolidation, which later led us to also sign other kind of papers: marriage papers.... :)
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Old logo...
Since 2014


Looking for new opportunities in other lands, we found a new adventure in Ecuador, we moved there, and we also ventured into online services, reaching clients in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, Puerto Rico and Argentina, the majority of which are still with us.
Since 2014
Since 2015


As our company reached new frontiers, so did our knowledge and experiences... in order to please our most demanding clients, it was necessary to immerse ourselves in new technologies. We learned to operate different design softwares and optimized creation of web pages.
Since 2015
August 2017


In 2017 an ambitious member joined our team and quickly climbed the hierarchical ladder... Midna is today the C.E.O of the company. Like many bad bosses, she is usually the first to collect the dividends, even if she spends most of her time sleeping, except of course when she has to look good on camera...
August 2017
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The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot... so, despite the fact that our job is to take care of the image of others, we had paid little attention to our own image... Whoops... It was time to make internal changes and although late, we created our social networks and this website... Really cool right? Contáct us now if you want an original website too... ;)

Our PRO’s network

To offer a service of the highest quality, it is a priority for us to have connections with specialists who collaborate in increasing the quality of our services and/or help us to connect with a greater number of clients who need us.

Promotores en el exterior

Andrea Castiglione

Nuestra socia y representante en Gold Coast Australia.

Flyers Promotions Corp

Partner en Puerto Rico

Wanna hire us?

Sergio "La Voz" Casanova

Broadcaster and Audiovisual Producer

Zeus Freile

System Engineer consultant, programmer and .NET Developer

Christopher F Blanco